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What Is Centrifuged Coconut Oil?

Essence of Eden only supply products made using centrifuged coconut oil, the finest quality coconut oil available on the market.

What is it about centrifuged oils that makes it so delicious when compared with the mass of cold pressed, expeller pressed and copra oils?  And what is it about our process that makes it extra special?

The Process

Coconut meat is first shredded then crushed and pressed without heat, expelling the coconut oil and water mixture.  This is directed within seconds to a centrifuge machine where the coconut oil separates continuously by spinning. It then gets siphoned off (harvested) into a receiving drum.  The result is the very top oil, the crème de la crème, the premium product.

Even some centrifuge machines allow the coconut meat and oil to heat.  Heat negatively causes the enzymes in the coconut oil to degrade, which negatively affects the quality of oil.

The machines we use are known as Super Centrifuges, which limit the heat generated by the process itself to less than 3°C.

The Products

This means that the nutrient content of the Super Centrifuged coconut oil is almost as fresh and natural as the moment at which they were extracted from the coconut itself.

Centrifuged coconut oil generally has less moisture and a higher lauric acid content (healthy saturated fats) than cold pressed coconut oil, giving it a superior taste and flavour.  It tastes like cream rather than an oil with a strong taste of coconut.

We are thrilled that our award-winning products have been recognised for their premium flavour and quality.

Our Suppliers

We have handpicked our suppliers who must meet our strict criteria for farming, production, processing and exporting.  They also work exclusively with us so that we can guarantee consistently top quality coconut oil.

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