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2011 Organic Food Awards

In The 2011 Organic Food Awards, Essence of Eden’s Raw Organic coconut oil received yet Another Award!

This is their fourth consecutive industry award in three years! The Soil Association spokesperson stated: “The judges were extremely impressed by the quality of your product.”

No other coconut oil has received such awards and it is a testament to the company’s commitment to detail, quality control and service combined, that makes Essence of Eden stand out as a market leader with this gastronomically rewarding product, with many fringe benefits!

In the FREE FROM FOOD AWARDS, Essence of Eden received the Highly Commended Award for their outstandingly delicious creamy coconut oil.

The judges really liked this ‘very creamy, white coconut butter with a strong coconut flavour…’,

‘Looks good and clear, light and coconutty aroma as you would expect, smooth, excellent, not grainy, excellent flavour, mild…’

Each category was judged ‘blind’. Judges were given judging sheets with the title and all details of the products – except who makes it!?They were asked to taste the products and, using the criteria of appearance, aroma, texture and taste, to draw up a shortlist.?They were also asked to make comments that could be helpful to the manufacturers on each product.?After which they had to choose winners, highly commendeds and commendeds for that  category

With a year of exposure being guaranteed for 2011, look out for Essence of Eden 100% Organic Coconut Oil.

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