Essence of Eden: Selling top grade coconut oil and products

Essence of Eden was established in 2004 with over 40 year’s experience in the nutrition and health industry.

We stumbled across the wonders of coconut oil long before its recent-found popularity and were hooked from our first try.  Sourcing good quality oil wasn’t easy but here we have perfected it.  There were no other cold-pressed coconut oils with the same smooth and creamy taste that we had experienced.  So we scoured the earth for the best oil there was.

Centrifuged coconut oil typically has less moisture and a higher lauric acid content (healthy saturated fats). This is what creates the superior taste and flavour.  It’s more expensive than cold pressed but that’s because it’s better!  Find out what centrifuged means here.

Our Mentality

For us, coconut oil is more than a passing fad or trend.  So we began spreading information about coconut oil in any way we could. Managing to make brochures, newsletters and an informative CD.  We began stocking and selling our own high quality products over a decade ago.

Essence of Eden believe that when it comes to products you use, only the best will do.

Our belief is that when it comes to products you use in your diet and on your skin, only the best will do.  Essence of Eden are proud to be one of the few suppliers – to wholesale, trade and individual customers – of some of the highest quality coconut oil available.

During our years of research we have come to understand that most diseases are nutrient based or rather lack of nutrients.  The body then becomes dis-eased quite literally – being ill at ease.  By replacing the nutrients that the body is lacking, it helps realign the body much as chiropractors realign the skeleton, thereby returning it to a state of well being and ease.

We want to empower you to see how natural products can work along with healthcare professionals to help the body perform at its very best.  So we continue to view our site as a means of education.  We don’t just sell products but we share recipes using coconut oil and other ways you can get the most out of coconut oil.

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