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2016 Quality Food Awards Highly Commended

2016 Quality Food Award Highly Recommended Superfoods | Centrifuge Organic Coconut Oil from Essence of Eden

2016 Superfoods Award

We were picked out in the SUPERFOODS category and came up as a  winner. Considering we didn’t even apply for that category we would say that is pretty good!

We love that our product is still just as good as when we started out all those years ago and is receiving recognition year on year.

Thank you for all your amazing support.

We look forward to even more exciting things from 2017 as we gear up to a busy year of growth. Perhaps even a new product line or few!  Watch out for more. (We are down at the bottom with other superfood winners)

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2013 Quality Food Award Finalist

Quality Food Awards 2013 Finalist | Centrifuge Organic Coconut Oil by Essence of Eden

How it happened

We were recently selected as a Finalist in the Quality Food Awards.  Add this to our existing level of awards for product quality, consistency of supply and customer service means we are immensely proud of our exceptional little company.

Simon Wright, Food Consultant and Chair of the QFA Judging Panel stated “Every Year the Quality Food Awards provides us with a glimpse of what is possible when the best food and drink producers focus on making something extraordinary. This year was no exception”

The Quality Food Award accolades are the most difficult to win in the food and drink business sector. So for Essence of Eden to be selected as a Finalist as a small producer amongst the giants of Tesco, Aldi, Lidl , Sainsbury, Asda, Marks & Spencer, The Cooperative and others is no small accomplishment. So congratulations to all the Finalists and all the Winners of each category.

With over  1000 products submitted and over a 100 judges, the QFA of 2013 was a record breaker!  This award process is not a blind tasting session, but an analysis of the whole product. Value for money, quality of product, packaging, labelling and those that meet customer demand in all aspects.  The awards now in their 40th year are well placed to make such judgements.

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2011 Organic Food Awards

In The 2011 Organic Food Awards, Essence of Eden’s Raw Organic coconut oil received yet Another Award!

This is their fourth consecutive industry award in three years! The Soil Association spokesperson stated: “The judges were extremely impressed by the quality of your product.”

No other coconut oil has received such awards and it is a testament to the company’s commitment to detail, quality control and service combined, that makes Essence of Eden stand out as a market leader with this gastronomically rewarding product, with many fringe benefits!

In the FREE FROM FOOD AWARDS, Essence of Eden received the Highly Commended Award for their outstandingly delicious creamy coconut oil.

The judges really liked this ‘very creamy, white coconut butter with a strong coconut flavour…’,

‘Looks good and clear, light and coconutty aroma as you would expect, smooth, excellent, not grainy, excellent flavour, mild…’

Each category was judged ‘blind’. Judges were given judging sheets with the title and all details of the products – except who makes it!?They were asked to taste the products and, using the criteria of appearance, aroma, texture and taste, to draw up a shortlist.?They were also asked to make comments that could be helpful to the manufacturers on each product.?After which they had to choose winners, highly commendeds and commendeds for that  category

With a year of exposure being guaranteed for 2011, look out for Essence of Eden 100% Organic Coconut Oil.

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Times & Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2008 and 2009

Essence of Eden Premium Raw Organic coconut oil received an Award out of 700 entries within twelve categories of The Times & The Soil Association, Organic Food Awards 2008/09. This was featured in The Times Supplement of August 30th 2008.

Our Category was the ‘Store Cupboard Staples’. So from amongst the jams, pickles, chutneys and oils, three awards per category are assigned. The Winner, Highly Commended and Commended. No other coconut oil was selected for such an award!! So as you can imagine, we are totally delighted!

Essence of Eden Premium Raw coconut oil also received the ‘Highly Commended’ Award in The Times & Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2009.  This is our second award in which a blind tasting session was conducted and our Raw, Organic coconut oil has been acknowledged to be the finest around with a most delicious flavour, by their elite panel of Judges.

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The Natural Way to Moisturise

A cheap and natural beauty product

Coconut oil enjoys worldwide praise, providing effortless, natural moisturisation for the whole body – face and skin alike.

We actually first came across coconut oil as a beauty treatment for sensitive teeth!

Natural products such as coconut oil do not have an expiry date, as most commercial products do.  So they last for longer and will stay fresh and effective until the very last ‘drop’.

The basis of the moisture is oil as opposed to water, which has longer lasting benefits.  Think of licking your lips on a hot day.  While that might bring instant relief from dry and chapped lips, within minutes you feel the need to do it again.  A similar thing happens with the skin when using beauty products with a high percentage of water content.  Your skin will feel immediately hydrated but soon it will need more.  Oil, on the other hand, hydrates the skin, prevents dryness and keeps you looking vibrant.

We go to great efforts to ensure that the product you get is as close to raw as you can get.  Our centrifuged process means we apply no heat at all when we extract the oil from the coconuts so you get the maximum benefit of the nutrients and enzymes.  Read more on the process itself here.

Because our products are all natural, there is no need for animal testing.  And you can rest assured that what you’re putting on your skin is 100% good for you!

You may need to use more at first while your skin adapts and reaches saturation point but the long-term effects will be .

Try our sample pot and see for yourself just what coconut oil can do for your skin!

Order your sample now!

Visit our shop and see!

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Coconut Oil – The Benefits

Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil has a wide range of benefits | Sold by Essence of Eden

We are limited to just how much we can brag about the beauty benefits of coconut oil and especially centrifuged coconut oil.  However, here is what we can say…

We import the finest organic extra virgin coconut oil!  Our farm is certified organic, the process we use is certified organic.   That means no fertiliser or pesticides or growth promoting chemicals come near our coconuts.

Try it for yourself and you’ll love it, we only request that you cover the postage and packaging for £1.25.

Get your free sample now!

Essence of Eden’s Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil has a wide range of uses and benefits.

Use it in your cooking when baking, frying, grilling, roasting, on toast or straight off the spoon.  Use it as an alternative in any recipe for butter, oil or margarine.  It has a delicious light creamy taste, unlike some coconut oil products that can leave a burnt taste and aroma.

Coconut oil is excellent for beauty treatments as well.  It moisturises your skin, face, body and hair.  Whilst your skin adapts, you may find that you need to reapply to reach your skin’s saturation point.  It will vary from person to person.  This is because most beauty products we use contain a percentage of water, which immediately satisfies the skin.

How about using coconut oil for aromatherapy and massage, it is an excellent carrier oil!

Coconut oil is classified as a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) so it gets immediately converted into energy when ingested and does not get stored in the body, unlike hydrogenated oils.

Take a look at these other websites that we have found useful and beyond that there’s Google:

Eating Well – Benefits of Coconut Oil, Milk, Water and Flour

Organic Facts – Benefits of Coconut Oil

Authority Nutrition – Top 10 Evidence Based Benefits of Coconut Oil

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What Is Centrifuged Coconut Oil?

Essence of Eden only supply products made using centrifuged coconut oil, the finest quality coconut oil available on the market.

What is it about centrifuged oils that makes it so delicious when compared with the mass of cold pressed, expeller pressed and copra oils?  And what is it about our process that makes it extra special?

The Process

Coconut meat is first shredded then crushed and pressed without heat, expelling the coconut oil and water mixture.  This is directed within seconds to a centrifuge machine where the coconut oil separates continuously by spinning. It then gets siphoned off (harvested) into a receiving drum.  The result is the very top oil, the crème de la crème, the premium product.

Even some centrifuge machines allow the coconut meat and oil to heat.  Heat negatively causes the enzymes in the coconut oil to degrade, which negatively affects the quality of oil.

The machines we use are known as Super Centrifuges, which limit the heat generated by the process itself to less than 3°C.

The Products

This means that the nutrient content of the Super Centrifuged coconut oil is almost as fresh and natural as the moment at which they were extracted from the coconut itself.

Centrifuged coconut oil generally has less moisture and a higher lauric acid content (healthy saturated fats) than cold pressed coconut oil, giving it a superior taste and flavour.  It tastes like cream rather than an oil with a strong taste of coconut.

We are thrilled that our award-winning products have been recognised for their premium flavour and quality.

Our Suppliers

We have handpicked our suppliers who must meet our strict criteria for farming, production, processing and exporting.  They also work exclusively with us so that we can guarantee consistently top quality coconut oil.

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Why Choose Essence of Eden’s Virgin Coconut Oil?

Essence of Eden’s Virgin Coconut Oil

Finding good quality virgin coconut oil is a hard task these days, with so many to choose from whether at the supermarket or health food stores.  So what does Essence of Eden do different to other suppliers?

We are extremely careful about those that we endorse because we too have had to search for the best.

Our top grade coconut oil is centrifuged coconut oil.  It tastes like cream, with a smooth texture and light fresh coconut aroma.  Because this method gives a far lower yield per harvest (but higher quality) centrifuged virgin coconut oil is a rare find and therefore more expensive.

We also stock a more affordable yet still high quality cold pressed coconut oil.

What are the Differences Between Centrifuged Coconut Oil and Cold Pressed?

The main differences between centrifuged coconut oil and cold pressed are the flavour, aroma and texture.  Cold pressed coconut oil also contains less of the healthy saturated fats that coconut oil is known for.  Cold pressed coconut oil typically contains 42-50% lauric acid, whereas centrifuged oils contain between 50-54%.

Our Products are Certified

We offer an oil certified by the Soil Association and the Vegetarian Society.  We choose these because both bodies have stringent controls in place to ensure quality of supply, something we at Essence of Eden firmly believe in.  These controls ensure that the machines, the farms, the process, the exporter and importer are all inspected and monitored.  So what you are getting really is organic.

Essence of Eden are also part of the Food for Life Catering Scheme.

Fair Trade is something that we are frequently asked about.  We have spoken to our farmers and by mutual agreement have decided not to subscribe to Fair Trade.  This is subject to regular review and may be something we take up in the future.  In the meantime, we can assure you that we do believe strongly in fair trade, which is something we can implement ourselves by dealing directly with our farmers.

100% Guarantee of Product Satisfaction

We have nothing to hide.  That’s why we package our coconut oil in glass jars.  We think you should be able to see the quality of the product you’re buying right from first sight.  There are no grey or yellow patches of mould hiding inside.  So you can be as confident as we are that you are purchasing the very best quality coconut oil available!