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The Natural Way to Moisturise

A cheap and natural beauty product

Coconut oil enjoys worldwide praise, providing effortless, natural moisturisation for the whole body – face and skin alike.

We actually first came across coconut oil as a beauty treatment for sensitive teeth!

Natural products such as coconut oil do not have an expiry date, as most commercial products do.  So they last for longer and will stay fresh and effective until the very last ‘drop’.

The basis of the moisture is oil as opposed to water, which has longer lasting benefits.  Think of licking your lips on a hot day.  While that might bring instant relief from dry and chapped lips, within minutes you feel the need to do it again.  A similar thing happens with the skin when using beauty products with a high percentage of water content.  Your skin will feel immediately hydrated but soon it will need more.  Oil, on the other hand, hydrates the skin, prevents dryness and keeps you looking vibrant.

We go to great efforts to ensure that the product you get is as close to raw as you can get.  Our centrifuged process means we apply no heat at all when we extract the oil from the coconuts so you get the maximum benefit of the nutrients and enzymes.  Read more on the process itself here.

Because our products are all natural, there is no need for animal testing.  And you can rest assured that what you’re putting on your skin is 100% good for you!

You may need to use more at first while your skin adapts and reaches saturation point but the long-term effects will be .

Try our sample pot and see for yourself just what coconut oil can do for your skin!

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