Natural Mat Bedding & Mattresses

We know you’ll love these mattresses and bedding made from 100% natural fibres.  They breath well, and are fantastically comfortable and eco-friendly.

The mattresses have a layer of coir, which is made from coconut husk, so we think these are a fantastic partner to our multi-award winning coconut oil.

The mattresses started off being designed for adults in boats, as innovators Mark and Peter are avid sailors.
Natural Products – Free from Toxins
They then expanded to design products for babies and children.  After all, they don’t deserve to sleep on the harmful toxins found in synthetic materials.

All products are made using pure, properly certified organic materials.

They are hypoallergenic and being washable at 60C means they kill any dust mites.  The mattresses are naturally fire retardant.  In fact, they are the first to comply with UK, US and European regulations without any chemical additives or fire retardants.

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